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Lymphedema & Lipedema

Lymphedema (or any type of swelling) is due to an increase of fluid in a specific body region. You may have experienced this for years or right after a surgery, procedure, or injury. Lipedema is a connective tissue disorder in which there are fatty deposits in various areas of the body, causing a continuous inflammatory cycle, leading to swelling, pain, instability, weight gain, and decreased Quality of Life. Sometimes people are told to use a diuretic (water pills ) or to diet and exercise – but with no improvements. There is help!

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a light-touch, skin massage that helps move the excess fluid from the impaired body region, deeper into your body to be filtered out.

There are different compression options to decongest and/or contain the fluid or connective tissue in order to make the lymphatic system more efficient. These include compression bandages, velcro wraps, medical grade compression stockings or sleeves, and night time garments.

The lymphatic system (think lymph nodes!) is the key to fluid removal; and by performing the lymphatic massage (MLD), it will increase the filtering action of the lymphatic system and therefore decrease your swelling. A Certified Lymphedema Therapist will perform this highly precise intervention in accordance to your medical and surgical history. The CLT and our Compression Fitter will be able to make recommendations on what compression is best for you, in conjunction with exercises, education, home management strategies, and skin hygiene recomendations.

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