Chronic Pain Management

Casey A. Roy, DPT

Casey is a Navy Veteran and a recent graduate from Duke University's Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Casey has a special interest in helping people manage chronic pain, and has begun our brand new chronic pain wellness programs! When she isn't in the clinic, she enjoys spending her time riding her MT-03 Yamaha motorcycle, going on walks with her dogs, and rock climbing.

Understanding and managing your chronic pain isn’t just physical. This 12 week foundational program includes an educational course on how pain affects your body, it guides you on how to identify what model of pain you fall into, and how to use this information to individually create a daily routine that incorporates activities that improve both physical and mental wellbeing. This program encourages participating in our chronic pain support groups that provide additional resources to help promote independence and improve your overall quality of life. This program can be enrolled into in two seperate tiers. 

Tier One:

  • Initial consultation to record baseline measures of strength, endurance, personal stressors, nutrition, current physical activity levels, movement patterns, and establish goals using a shared decision making model between you and your trainer.
  • 3-Day educational course on the neuroscience and psychology of chronic pain, including extensive information on the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that contribute to the persistence and intensity of chronic pain.
  • Bi-weekly support groups that including meetings, activities, and events such as book clubs, walk and talks, luncheons, and group outings.
  • Weekly personal training sessions that are individualized to help you meet your physical goals.
  • Weekly guided progressive muscle relaxation and stretching sessions to reduce the effects of chronic stress on the body and help you identify areas of tension that need addressed.
  • Weekly group training sessions that will also be accessible via Zoom in-case you aren’t able to make sessions in person. 
  • Access to our Discord and Facebook Groups where you can access additional educational resources, communicate with other members of the program, share success stories, or seek support.
  • A copy of “Your Body Keeps the Score” by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk which spent 141 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List for nonfiction, with 27 of those weeks spent in the No. 1 position. This book explores how experiences in life can chronically effect the body, the science behind reducing the experience of pain, and accepting responsibility for taking charge of your life to improve physically and mentally.  
  • A copy of a pain management workbook to track your progress and form ideas on how to improve your daily routine. 

Tier Two:

  • Everything included in tier one
  • Weekly coaching calls via Zoom
  • Weekly follow up pain lectures emailed out each Monday
  • Weekly group live Q&A calls via Zoom
  • Library Access to all recorded lectures and calls, updated monthly

There is NO CURE for chronic pain! Managing your pain is a lifelong commitment!

Even though in our chronic pain foundations program, we try our best to give you all the tools you need to manage your chronic pain, we understand that you may require continued care. After completion of the foundations program, the Chronic Pain Care (+) Program (CPC+) utilizes advanced personal training, Physical Therapy resources, and various modalities to provide continuous care that will support maintaining your progress, and facilitate you achieving more challenging goals. This program includes:

  • A Physical Therapy evaluation by a Doctor of Physical Therapy to identify specific pathology/pathophysiology related to your pain condiition for the first month enrolled
  • Advocacy and support finding other providers to assist with pain management
  • 15% discount for Physical Therapy Services
  • 10% discount for additional Wellness Services and Fern Medical Products
  • Continued access to support groups from our foundations program
  • Continued access to weekly group training sessions
  • Continued access to our Discord and Facebook Group page
  • 2x weekly personal training sessions
  • 1 Home Assessment to help set-up a training area for continued physical activity
  • Weekly choice of one of the following modalities to supplement your foundational pain management techniques:
    • Dry Needling with or without e-Stim
    • Cupping/Myofascial Manual Therapy
    • Massage (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, Manual Lymphatic Drainage)
    • Yoga Session
    • Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
    • COMING SOON: Virtual Reality Therapy Treatment Session 

Are you active duty, or a military veteran? If yes, you’re eligible for a 15% discount off the Chronic Pain Foundations Program, and the CPC+ Program. Casey, the manager of our Chronic Pain Wellness Programs, spent five years in the Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer. Her first tour was onboard the USS McCAMPBELL, DDG 85 out of Yokosuka, Japan; operating out of the South China Sea, and her second tour was onboard the USS PAUL IGNATIUS, DDG 117 where she became a Plankowner by commissioning the US Navy Destroyer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Her father spent 30 years active duty in the Marine Corps as an infantry-man, and she has always had a great respect and strong connection to the veteran community. The “Veteran Experience” runs alongside our two other programs, but offers the following additions at no extra cost:

  • Veteran Specific Support Groups
  • Veteran Specific Events 
  • Help accessing Veteran Affairs benefits for those who can provide a DD-214