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Education is one of the values we pride ourselves in at NC Physical Therapy. We maintain a rotation of student physical therapist, residents, and potential student physical therapy students in order to continuously share and pass down the knowledge that those before us have provided and to learn new information that new students and recent graduates bring with them to the clinic. We participate in continuing education programs to ensure that we always provide top of the line care to patients with lymphedema, lipedema, and pelvic floor dysfunction. If you’re a clinician and you want to learn more about these physical therapy specialties, **click here now** to visit our provider education page.

While we love educating our clinicians here at NCPT, we believe the patients deserve just as much education as we do, and were more than happy to provide it! To learn more about physical therapy and the specialized care that we provide, **click here** and begin your exploration into the world of lymphology, anatomy, and etiology of the conditions we help to treat here